The E Club's YouTube Video Specials!

December 11, 2009

If you've been looking around The E Club, you probably noticed that there are lots of YouTube videos. They contain information about Mario or Star Trek. There is also one on the front page for the Featured Music Video. They are all from Mario games, except for the Unification Special here on the Blog, and most of the screens have link versions somewhere on The E Club. At the end of each video, there is a list of related videos. Click on one to watch it on the screen. Go back to the original or look for more videos. Below is a video of the Mario game Super Mario 64. Enjoy!

Also, most videos except for this one will be changed every month. After you watched a video, there are pictures of related videos below the regular screen. Click on one of them and the screen will change its video into the one you picked. To go back to the main video, just press the back button, (usually on the top left part of the computer screen) click on it, then you can see the video.

--UPDATE FOR MAY 2010:--

Instead of using the video's URL to embed the video into The E Club, YouTube supplies The E Club with a customized embedded code, which doesn't show related videos, and has a green border around it. The E Club Lite is the same, but the video border is orange.

Super Mario 64: Bowser in the Sky (Final Battle)