How to get the Most out of The E Club's Custom Search

September 05, 2010

On The E Club, things can be hard to find due to its many pages. The E Club's Custom Search can help you navagate this complex, but how does a regular visitor become an expert with searching The E Club? Click on the link below, which leads to part 2 of this entry, and you shall find out.

First of all, you need to type in a search query into the search bar, which is located in the homepage, below the introduction. Search with it, and you will be lead to the search results page. This is the layout of the search results:

  • On the top and bottom of the search results, there are "Ads by Google." These ads, as stated in the content block with the search bar, are connected with The E Club's Google AdSense account. Also, if you have an AdSense and a Custom Search account, just click on the "Make Money" link in the custom search editing page, and follow the instructions there. It's another chance to optimize your Google Ads, which means, more revenue!
  • In between the ads, there are the search results. They also have labels, which, if you click on them, the results become more specific. There are tons of search results, so be sure that you know what you are looking for!
  • Below the set of ads on the top of the search results, there are some words. For example, a search on Mario would have the following text below the ads on the top of the search results:

Results 1 - 10 for mario with Safesearch on. (1.02 seconds)

This means that the search results page that you are on has the results 1-10 on it, the query is "mario," and I put in a little HTML code that enabled Google Safesearch, for better results. In parenthesis, it tells you that the search results were loaded in 1.02 seconds. The time that the results load depend on the speed of your browser. Now, let's compare the text above with text from regular Google:

About 187,000,000 results (0.21 seconds)

It looks very similar because the Custom Search's result text was the older version of Google's text! Now, Google has made its results more compact.

  • Below the set of ads on the bottom of the search results, there are numbers that have links. Just like ordinary Google, these numbers lead to more search results.
  • Also, there are green boxes with information about The E Club and The E Club Lite in them. These are NOT ads, but Subscribed Links, for Google searches and Custom Search.