The next generation of The E Club is here.

You may notice that things look a bit different here on The E Club. From the revolutionary responsive design to the enhanced typography to a more refined experience in general, The E Club has been rebuilt from the ground up to deliver the ultimate web experience. Here's what's new.

4.0 · June 2022

Designed for the modern web.

The E Club has been rewritten from the ground up, transitioning from a traditional, server-heavy site to modern, lightweight, and performant Jamstack technologies. This, along with a more polished design, leads to faster loading times, enhanced security, and greater potential for what The E Club can be.

Dark Mode. Now even more stunning.

The E Club's Dark Mode has been refined to better encompass all aspects of the site. Dark Mode is now automatically toggled based on your browser or operating system theme, removing any flashes of Light Mode that previously occurred when navigating.

3.0 · June 2016

A powerful design on all screens.

The E Club has always been about bringing great Mario, Star Trek, and science content to the public. Now, with a cutting-edge responsive design, The E Club can do that better than ever. This breakthrough design is the culmination of everything we've learned while crafting the mobile versions of other sites in The E Club Family (most notably The E Club+). It is absolutely stunning on every screen, smartphone, desktop, or otherwise.

Dark Mode. A stunning new perspective.

The clean, light design of The E Club has been one of its main features since 2013. But we've raised the stakes for fans of dark design and visitors on devices with OLED displays. Click on the moon icon in the top bar and see for yourself.

Music & video, reimagined.

The top bar music player on the homepage has always been an integral part of The E Club – so it's now on every page. Where is it? Try clicking on The E Club's logo in the top bar.

Videos across The E Club now scale to the size of your screen, giving you a seamless, more pleasurable viewing experience and decreased loading time.

Smart Search. Convenience, redefined.

The E Club has had a search engine since almost the beginning – starting with FreeFind and then Google Custom Search, there has always been an easy way to search The E Club Family. But now, The E Club 3.0 takes search one step further with Smart Search. The menu and the search engine now work seamlessly together, so when you start typing, Smart Search automatically brings up pages on The E Club that match your search. Plus, you can press Enter to search The E Club and the rest of The E Club Family as usual. And best of all, it works on all devices with a gorgeous new design.

The E Club Secure. So you stay safe.

The E Club has always been about bringing you the best experience possible while protecting your privacy. Now, we've taken that a step further – The E Club 3.0 is now HTTPS by default on almost all browsers, preventing intruders from attacking as you browse. If your browser doesn't support The E Club Secure, it will fall back to the already-safe HTTP version.

The most refined experience ever.

With The E Club 3.0, we're taking a new approach to web design; its unprecedented efficiency and end-to-end control allow us to do amazing things never before possible. That means we're able to introduce brand-new features like Smart Search and new responsive innovations in addition to profound refinements to existing services and features such as the ClubIt! platform and YouTube video integration. This, combined with new design innovations, makes The E Club 3.0 the best version of The E Club ever.