Terms of Use

Welcome to The E Club Family!

Thank you for visiting and possibly joining The E Club Family ("The Websites") and using its services ("Services"). The Websites and their respective Services are provided by The E Club ("The E Club").

By using The Websites and Services, you must adhere to The E Club Family's Terms of Use ("The Terms"). Read The Terms carefully and occasionally check back to see any updates to The Terms. Also, some of the Services have their own set of Terms that you should read if you join that particular Service. If you do, those individual Terms will become part of your agreement with The E Club and The Websites.

Usage of The Websites and Services

Do not misuse or abuse The Websites or Services in any way. For example, posting slanderous, insulting, or spam messages inappropriate in any way on The E Club Forums, or any other discussion community in The Websites ("Forums") is strictly prohibited. Also, you can not violate any rules, terms, or instructions for using The Websites or Services. We may suspend your agreement with The Websites and Services and prohibit you from using your accounts on other Websites or Services if you misuse them.

Using the Services does not give you any intellectual or administrative rights on The Websites. You can not copy content from The Websites or Services unless you have permission from E, The E Club's founder and CEO. This agreement does not give you the right to use the logos or designs found across The Websites.

In your agreement and connection with The E Club, we may send you emails or messages regarding Service announcements or updates, if you have joined The E Club Social or The E Club+ ("Social Networks"), and mandatory updates regarding your agreement with The E Club. You may opt out of all of these e-mails except for the mandatory updates.

Accounts on the Services and The E Club

In order to use our Social Networks or Forums and to have a more enhanced experience on The E Club, individual accounts ("Service Accounts") are required to access these Services. You can create Service Accounts for free at any time, and there are detailed instructions on each respective Service on how to create a Service Account and how to use it. If you learn of any unauthorized use of your account, feel free to contact The E Club Member Services or reset your account's password in the Service.


The E Club's Privacy Policy explains how we handle user-submitted information, and how we protect your identity on The Websites and Services. We recommend that you read it even if you're not a member to see how we handle your privacy.

User-Submitted Content on The E Club

Some of the Services, including Social Networks and Forums, allow users to share content. Users own 100% of this content, and The E Club hosts this content. By submitting content to the specific Services, you are giving The E Club the right to privately share, publish, and distribute anonymous versions of your content on the Services, mostly for improving The Websites and Services. Adhering to the Privacy Policies of The Websites and Services, The E Club promises never to share, sell, or distribute information obtained about you.

About Software Downloads & Technologies

In some cases, The E Club's Services can include software downloads, and as of now, we offer The E Club Toolbar and The E Club Sans Browser. Once this software is updated, the changes will automatically update on your computer (Toolbar) or can be downloaded at the same place (Browser), and you can change the settings at any time.

The E Club can give you a royalty-free, personal license to download software, such as our toolbar and browser. This comes as a complimentary download for visiting The Websites or using the Services. This license helps you to enjoy and enhance the experience that you get on the Services and The Websites, and the software can be uninstalled at any time. You may not copy, distribute, or sell any part of our Services that we provide to you, nor can you duplicate the software at any way.

Our Toolbar and Browser are open-source, free for the public, software that anybody can download and add apps to. In the future, we may develop more software available for download.

The E Club's web-based technologies, including ClubIt! Buttons and The E Club Share are free to use in the Services. Some of the technologies, including ClubIt! Buttons, are available for use on other websites outside of The E Club Family. If you choose to use our technologies on your website, you may not copy, modify, or sell the technology made available.

Service Modifications

We are constantly changing, modifying, and improving our Websites and Services. We can add or remove features or pages, and we can suspend a Service all together, but that usually wouldn't happen. You can stop using our Services and being a member at any time. The E Club can also stop providing some or all of its Services to you, if you break your agreement with us. We can add or remove limitations to our Services at any time. If we terminate Services being used by you, we will notify you in advance that this will happen, so you can transfer your information and anything else.

About the Terms

We will modify and update these Terms and Terms specific to Social Networks or other Services and Websites in the future. You should check back to these Terms to see if any modifications occur. We will also post any modifications to these Terms on this page and make it known that the Terms have changed. The modifications to the Terms apply to all users and members of The E Club and The Websites immediately. If you do not agree with the modifications to the Terms, you should discontinue your agreement with the Terms as soon as possible.

These Terms state the agreement between you and The E Club. No third-party companies of any type will interfere or benefit from this agreement.
Last updated on November 10, 2013.