Simplified policies, one unified The E Club experience.

A while ago, we decided to redo The E Club's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, starting from scratch to create a simplified set of policies. These are now much shorter and easier to read and understand, and they go hand-in-hand with the specific policies throughout The E Club Family.

These policies are very important even if you're not a member, so make sure to read The E Club's Terms and Privacy Policy. Here's why they matter:

Unity across The E Club Family

The E Club Family Websites are becoming more interconnected as their major redesigns are going on, and so there should be policies to reflect this new unity. These new policies reflect The E Club's one, simple experience by having a more generalized set of terms and privacy policies that apply across The E Club Family.

A more social experience

The E Club's social networking division, which includes The E Club Social and The E Club+ as well as the ClubIt! platform, is growing and becoming more advanced. The E Club is starting to incorporate these technologies into the general user experience, varying from things like +Badges to Toolbar apps. By using your info (which is anonymous and private) on our social networks across The E Club Family, we can provide you with a more social experience.

Customized for you

Our simplified policies reflect our desire to create a simplified user experience around The E Club Family. Now, with a The E Club Family-wide Privacy Policy, we can use the information about your interests and likes to customize your experience all across The E Club Family. For example, we could target ads or add some more information about Super Mario (good choice!) if you post that you like it on The E Club+. The E Club Family is now customized for you.

Your privacy still matters.

Despite these changes to the Privacy Policy, we still promise to provide a transparent yet customized experience across The E Club Family. Although we will try to learn more about your interests, your identity will still remain private on our sites. We also promise to never sell, distribute, or publicly or privately share any information that you submit to The E Club Family.