Events and More

These are some important events from The E Club's history. Stay tuned for more!

  • June 8, 2009 is established!
  • June 27, 2009  The E Club starts a BIG redesign!
  • February 25, 2010  The E Club reaches *1000* VISITS!
  • May 10, 2010  The E Club reaches OVER *2000* VISITS!
  • September 17, 2010 is created!
  • October 16, 2010  The original The E Club and The E Club Lite are closed down by Moogo.
  • August 22, 2013  The E Club begins its first major redesign!
  • June 8, 2016  The E Club 3.0 arrives with a great new look, a revolutionary responsive design, and tons of new features!
  • June 8, 2022  The E Club 4.0 arrives with a more polished design and many improvements under the hood!

Below are the Super Mario Bros. Super Show theme song lyrics!

Plumber's Rap PART 1:

Hey, paisanos! It's the Super Mario Brothers Super Show!
We're the Mario Brothers, and plumbing's our game,
we're not like the others who get all the fame.
If your sink is in trouble, call us on the double,
we're faster than the others you'll be hooked on the brothers! Uh!
H-hooked on the Brothers. Gimme gimme, gimme gimme.
Yo, you're in for a treat, so hang on to your seat,
Get ready for adventure and remarkable feats.
You'll meet Koopas, the Troopas, the princess and the others,
hangin' with the plumbers, you'll be hooked on the Brothers to the brink!
Uh! Uh!
I say a h-h-h-h-hooked on the Brothers! (echo and fade out)

Plumber's Rap PART 2:

Yo, yo!
It's the Mario Brothers, and plumbing's their game,
Found the secret warp zone while working on the drain.
Lend the princess a hand in the Mushroom Land,
comin' atcha with the plumbers, you'll be hooked on the Brothers! Now,
Evil Koopa and his Troopas are up to misbehavin'
They kidnapped the princess; Mushroom Land needs savin'.
Abusin' and confusin' everyone he discovers,
they can't help but be hooked on the Brothers! Uh!