Social sharing like never before

Introducing the next generation of social sharing technologies.

The ClubIt! Button harnesses the power of advanced HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript technologies to exceed the capabilities of any other social sharing button, such as Facebook's Like Button or Google's +1 Button, and make the sharing menu a work of innovative design. Instead of letting users share links on just one social network, ClubIt! Buttons let people share content on almost any social network or bookmarking service, including The E Club Social, The E Club+, Google+, Facebook, and 119 more. Want to share a site with a friend who isn't on any social network? Toggle over to the ClubIt! Button's Email tab, which allows you to send links to others via e-mail.

Familiar services, new platform

The ClubIt! Button is no different from any other social sharing button - it allows users to share sites on social networks that they've joined. But the ClubIt! Button lets people share sites across many social networks - basically at the same time. With the ClubIt! Button, you can still share a site on The E Club+, recommend a site on Google Search, and tell your friends about a site on Facebook - but this time, sharing a site has become easier than ever.


Since the ClubIt! platform is based on open web technologies, it's very easy to customize ClubIt! Buttons in ways that wouldn't be possible with other social sharing buttons. Check out ClubIt! for Developers for more info.

Want to put the ClubIt! Button on your site? Check out the ClubIt! Button Designer!