The E Club's Project

March 09, 2012

The E Club Family Websites are changing. A while ago, The E Club became more unified, with every page having the same background image, and all of its content on the background of The E Club Green, as I like to call it. Plus, as a remembrance of, I inverted the text and background color, making the text as close to the dark blue of the old The E Club as I could, and made the background image a shade of green, similar to the color the old The E Club used for its regular text, or body. Also, back in September 2011, I redid The E Club Social Beta and made it The E Club+, eventually making the URL of The E Club+ a subdomain of The E Club,, strangely exactly 6 months after it was created.

I've also done many other redesigns to The E Club Family Websites in the distant past and recently. These redesigns, as The E Club World states, are part of a big project to improve The E Club Family technologically, and to enhance their designs and make them united.

I started this project with a couple minor redesigns and changes, including shaving a minute off The E Club's loading time and using CSS to enhance The E Club's design. I moved on to The E Club Lite and The E Club Ad Server, making both of them subdomains of The E Club and making them look alike. I then went to The E Club World and The E Club Arcade, where I simplified and debugged The E Club World and its design, while adding new games to and redesigning The E Club Arcade. I did some work improving The E Club Wiki. Next, I did a lot of work on the other websites, such as MeTube and The E Shop. Recently, I worked on The E Club Forums. Now, I am working on The E Club+. Thanks to some strange twist of luck, The E Club+'s partner,, allowed it to have a custom subdomain of The E Club, Thanks to Google, I managed to pull off some cool effects with hovering over and clicking on text input areas, making the border dark blue when clicked on. I also modified the current buttons (thanks for that too, Google), and added new ones that used enhanced CSS3 to look professional. The E Club is also optimized to work on mobile devices and tablets, especially the iPad.

The point of this project, which I'm now calling Project Redesign, is to provide visitors and members of The E Club Family Websites a simple and united experience. Instead of grabbing any technology I could lay my hands on (like I used to), I take what I need for The E Club's success. Uniting almost all of The E Club Family Websites under the domain of can allow visitors and members to think of The E Club Family Websites as one "The E Club" instead of "The E Club Family Websites under about 10 different subdomains." We also think that simplicity is one of the keys to great websites, so I am discontinuing some of The E Club's projects and products (such as Search-O-Matic and the Mario Arcade on this site) to create a non-complex and unified experience for everyone.

I am still working on the redesigns on The E Club Family Websites (mostly on The E Club+), and I hope you enjoy them!