The E Club Universal Sign-in Box Beta - The New Generation of Sign-in Technology!

September 11, 2010

I haven't been writing that much about Mario, Star Trek, or science on this blog lately. Instead, I wrote about new technologies on The E Club. It doesn't mean that The E Club dropped the Mario, Star Trek, and science stuff and replaced them with technology, it means that you will have a better experience here at The E Club. This is another one of those entries, this time, being the greatest achievement in technologies on The E Club. A Universal Sign-in Box! This box was improved and tested a few minutes earlier in the Test Labs, a members-only page, basing the box on the Google sign-in box, and a code I found in Yahoo! Answers. I just "blended" a little bit of the Google box code, and all of the Yahoo! Answers code, to create...


This box was designed to be based on a Google sign-in box, with a green background, dots in place of password letters, and even a "Remember me on this computer" checkbox! The only difference is, though, if you make a mistake in your username/password, trying to sign into Gmail, it tells you there was an error. On The E Club, there is no right or wrong. Type in any username and password from any website you are part of, and it signs you in, unlike Janrain Engage, the former sign-in system, where you can only pick a few accounts to have in your sign-in box. That's why this box is UNIVERSAL. You can sign into any account, at any time. This product will be available for purchase at the E-Store.