The E Club (.info)'s Second Anniversary

September 17, 2012

I am very happy to say that The E Club's domain name,, is celebrating its second anniversary. The E Club's domain name led to and is still leading to many years of The E Club prosperity. This prosperity includes, obviously, the registration of the domain name, making it The E Club's, and, thanks to the domain's records (such as A and CNAME), all except two of The E Club Family Websites are now subdomains of The E Club. Plus, The E Club even got our own URL shortener,

When was established with WebStarts, The E Club was in a crisis. Moogo, The E Club's original host, was going to shut The E Club down along with all of its other Free websites (for no explained reason) in about a month. (Moogo is also going to close down all of its paid websites at the end of September 2012.) The E Club had tons of content, so all of it had to be transferred in a small amount of time. This also applied to The E Club Lite and Wii Like Games (a video game review site I created with member J) since they were going to be shut down as well.

After the transfer of content (I moved The E Club's content here, The E Club Lite's to Weebly, and Wii Like Games to Blogger), I saw the enormous potential of WebStarts' powerful drag-and-drop editor. I improved all three new sites, focusing a lot on The E Club, whose domain had been recently registered.

Between then and now, many new CSS styles were implemented into the sites. When the three sites were in a good-enough condition, I started to create more websites, and that established The E Club Family. Many of them later became subdomains of The E Club, and some branched out to more areas than just content, such as revolutionary social networking (The E Club Social and The E Club+), arcade gaming (The E Club Arcade), and much more. Taking advantage of The E Club Family's unity, I began redesigning them, using advanced HTML and CSS. Now, The E Club Family is doing better than ever, thanks to

I hope to oversee many more prosperous years of The E Club Family, and as the old saying goes, "Go on today!"