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The E Club World From Blogger: Stay Connected

June 02, 2010

As you know, The E Club's 1-year anniversary is coming up this month on the 8th. Not only will there be celebrations, but yesterday, as a belated birthday treat, The E Club's explorative branches went on to Blogger, a Google website where you can create your own blogs. On June 1, 2010, The E Club World Blog came out. It makes a real-world connection to the amazing worlds of Mario, Star Trek, and Science. Below is a model of "The E Club's Family Tree:" The E Club Lite!    |    "Wii" Like Games*    |    The E Club World Blog Don't understand the visual? Here's what it really means: The E Club is at the top of the tree, meaning it started it all.The E Club Lite came next in line, being a "Division of The E Club.""Wii" Like Games is after The E Club Lite, but there's an asterisk after it due to the fact that I half own it with a fellow member, J.Finally, and most recently, The E Club…