Yahoo! Search is Next

Now that we have both search technology and Google search technology on The E Club, Yahoo! Search has arrived! All of these search bars from different companies are on The E Club so you don’t have to go to a million different websites to search one thing. You can get the codes for the search bars at the E-Store! The E Club is, after all, the Mario, Star Trek, and SCIENCE (INCLUDING TECHNOLOGIES) Website. Here are the Yahoo! Search bars:

Yahoo! Web Search Bar:

Just like both of the Google Search bars in “Custom Search 2?,” the above Yahoo! Search bar enables you to search the web, but this one allows you to search both the web and The E Club!

Search the web   Search The E Club!

Custom Search 2?

There’s a SECOND Custom Search on The E Club? Well, not exactly. I just found a code for a Google-powered search engine where you can surf the web and The E Club. Here it is: (no longer exists)

As you can see, it is powered by Google. I’ve seen this engine and Custom Search on websites all over, now. Next, I need to try this new thing out! P.S. You can hardly read the words next to the bullets, right? Well, the first word is “Web,” so you can search all of the internet, and the second says “,” so you can search The E Club.

The only difference with this search engine, CSII, as I call it, and Custom Search is that the results aren’t on The E Club. Here is the link to the website I got this from:

NEW FINDS FOR THIS SEARCH ENGINE: Search engines similar to this are given to Google AdSense users (including The E Club) where Google can display targeted ads, and when someone searches something, ads are displayed, and when they’re clicked on, you get revenue. See the search box and some ads here.

I have finally found out what this is for – MONEY! It is a search version of Google AdSense, called AdSense for Search, where ads pop up in search results, and when the user clicks on the ads, the owner of the search engine gets money. I have also tried AdSense for Search.

The “Snack” Technologies

As you can see by the NEW Top Bar image, The E Club has switched to a convenient new service called SnackTools. With this, The E Club now has a cool Top Bar image and a photo slideshow on the front page.

SnackTools has three beta divisions – BannerSnack, the free Flash banner maker; PhotoSnack, the free photo slideshow maker; and PodSnack, the free Flash playlist maker. The E Club only uses BannerSnack and PhotoSnack. PhotoSnack was used by The E Club just today.

Go on for details of all beta products.

New: The E Club’s E-Store!

New: If you want to help The E Club and The E Club Lite and purchase some cool stuff at the same time, now’s your chance with The E Club’s new E-Store! You can purchase FREE stuff in a few steps!

  1. Go to the second content block on the right of the regular text, and click on the link that says “Read More” next to a product and a segment of the description of the product.
  2. Read the description of the product, and if you like it, press “Add to Shopping Cart” below the picture and the description of the product, or, if there’s a drop-down list of options next to that button and you want a product in a different color, style, etc., click on the arrow and find the option you are looking for. Then press Add to Shopping Cart.
  3. After that, the description of the item is still there, but this time, it says “Price: $0.00,” and it confirms your order. Then press “Proceed to Checkout.” It is a link to the checkout “receipt.”
  4. Then, the next screen shows you your “receipt.” You can change the quantity of the ordered product by changing the number below the “Amount” column. If you suddenly changed your mind, you can press the “Delete” link to cancel your order. If you still want it, press the “Buy Products” button below the “receipt.”
  5. (Last step) You get directed to a form where you fill out your personal information. (The information only gets sent to E, so you don’t need to worry about eavesdropping third party companies or anything that’s a scam.) The fields with *s next to them are required. You don’t need to fill out your phone number or any additional information. Press “Place the Order” and then you’re done!** An e-mail notification will notify E when you order the product, and an e-mail will be sent to you also.

**When you place the order, The E Club will give you 5 The E Club Credits, The E Club’s new, special “currency” that is used when you order a product. If you get 100 of The E Club Credits, you will win cool things like a membership here on The E Club, (and The E Club Lite also) and lots more! Each customer’s amount of The E Club Credits are posted below the list of products. Enjoy this cool new addition!

The E Club’s Google Technologies

Thanks to Google and some searches, The E Club and its partner website, The E Club Lite, have some useful technology on them. The E Club Lite has Google Maps on it, Google Translate, and a Google Search bar, all thanks to Google. On here, there are Google Translate bars on it, and Google Search bars. With Google Maps, you can look for some place where you know where it is, but you don’t know where to go. With Google Translate, you can translate The E Club and The E Club Lite into different languages. With the Google Search bars, you can search anything you want, right on The E Club and The E Club Lite!

The E Club’s YouTube Video Specials!

If you’ve been looking around The E Club, you probably noticed that there are lots of YouTube videos. They contain information about Mario or Star Trek. There is also one on the front page for the Featured Music Video. They are all from Mario games, except for the Unification Special here on the Blog, and most of the screens have link versions somewhere on The E Club. At the end of each video, there is a list of related videos. Click on one to watch it on the screen. Go back to the original or look for more videos. Below is a video of the Mario game Super Mario 64. Enjoy!

Also, most videos except for this one will be changed every month. After you watched a video, there are pictures of related videos below the regular screen. Click on one of them and the screen will change its video into the one you picked. To go back to the main video, just press the back button, (usually on the top left part of the computer screen) click on it, then you can see the video.


Instead of using the video’s URL to embed the video into The E Club, YouTube supplies The E Club with a customized embedded code, which doesn’t show related videos, and has a green border around it. The E Club Lite is the same, but the video border is orange.

Super Mario 64: Bowser in the Sky (Final Battle)

The E Club is Mobile!

Hey, visitors! Are you on some long vacation and you are bored? Well, you can have about *HALF THE FUN* from The E Club if you type in: on a Blackberry Phone or an iPod Touch! All of the tabs will be available, but things like the photo album block and the Mario Flash Games won’t be available. Enjoy The E Club’s Mobile Service!

–News for this mobile service on May 1, 2010:–
E’s source of technology backups for The E Club, The E Club Technology Developmental Service, (TECTDS) courtesy of Moogo, the creator of The E Club, has given both The E Club and The E Club Lite a special technology implanted in them that will make The E Club and The E Club Lite’s quality on mobile phones, excluding the iPod, which already makes the quality show, so go on now! See the difference!

*This service is provided by The E Club Mobile Co., a division of The E Club.*