Star Trek: Countdown Comic

October 10, 2009

Hi, Star Trek fans! Did you ever wonder what happened before Star Trek 11? (See "STAR TREK MORE POPULAR! Entry in this Blog") Now, you can stop wondering because there's a comic book called Star Trek: Countdown that's out now and it is the prequel to Star Trek 11! If you want to know more about this comic book, CLICK HERE. Enjoy! It's about Spock's relationship with Nero, which was a good one, surprisingly, and how Nero then wanted revenge on the entire universe when the star that Romulus, Nero's homeworld, orbited around and then collapsed and destroyed Romulus itself, and Spock promised he would use a special Vulcan weapon to destroy the supernova and save Romulus, but the Vulcan Council didn't approve. You can also buy this comic on or maybe a local bookstore near you!