Re-Introducing The E Club Secure!

August 29, 2016

Back in 2010 when The E Club had just moved from Moogo to WebStarts, I touted a new security feature that I called The E Club Secure: right-clicks were disabled, so no one could copy information from the site. But due to the lack of necessity for the feature, The E Club Secure was quietly phased out upon The E Club 3.0's rollout.

Today, The E Club Secure takes on a new form: The E Club now serves its visitors with cutting-edge TLS 1.2 encryption. In other words, The E Club 3.0 is now HTTPS by default on all modern browsers. Though some older browsers (such as IE8 and below on Windows XP and dated Android browsers) don't support this new feature, visitors from those browsers will fall back to the original HTTP version of the site and can easily view the secure version from a modern browser. So now, visitors can enjoy The E Club more safely and securely than ever before. (Though we're trying to bring encryption to the rest of The E Club Family, there is no guarantee that we can due to technical limitations.)

And The E Club 3.0 still isn't standing still - make sure to stay tuned for new features!