New: The E Club's E-Store!

March 05, 2010

New: If you want to help The E Club and The E Club Lite and purchase some cool stuff at the same time, now's your chance with The E Club's new E-Store! You can purchase FREE stuff in a few steps!

  1. Go to the second content block on the right of the regular text, and click on the link that says "Read More" next to a product and a segment of the description of the product.
  2. Read the description of the product, and if you like it, press "Add to Shopping Cart" below the picture and the description of the product, or, if there's a drop-down list of options next to that button and you want a product in a different color, style, etc., click on the arrow and find the option you are looking for. Then press Add to Shopping Cart.
  3. After that, the description of the item is still there, but this time, it says "Price: $0.00," and it confirms your order. Then press "Proceed to Checkout." It is a link to the checkout "receipt."
  4. Then, the next screen shows you your "receipt." You can change the quantity of the ordered product by changing the number below the "Amount" column. If you suddenly changed your mind, you can press the "Delete" link to cancel your order. If you still want it, press the "Buy Products" button below the "receipt."
  5. (Last step) You get directed to a form where you fill out your personal information. (The information only gets sent to E, so you don't need to worry about eavesdropping third party companies or anything that's a scam.) The fields with *s next to them are required. You don't need to fill out your phone number or any additional information. Press "Place the Order" and then you're done!** An e-mail notification will notify E when you order the product, and an e-mail will be sent to you also.

**When you place the order, The E Club will give you 5 The E Club Credits, The E Club's new, special "currency" that is used when you order a product. If you get 100 of The E Club Credits, you will win cool things like a membership here on The E Club, (and The E Club Lite also) and lots more! Each customer's amount of The E Club Credits are posted below the list of products. Enjoy this cool new addition!