New Super Mario Bros. Wii! (More on The E Club Lite)

March 08, 2010

Do you like the game New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Well, this article and the New Super Mario Bros. Wii article on The E Club Lite are dedicated to this new game and will show you videos of each world! Here's how the system of the videos goes:

  • If the world has 4 parts to it, 2 parts of the world will be shown on The E Club, and the other 2 will be shown on The E Club Lite.
  • If the world has 3 parts to it, two parts will be shown on The E Club and 1 will be shown on The E Club Lite, and if there's another 3 part world, The E Club Lite will have 2 parts on it, and The E Club will have 1. Enjoy!

World 1: 2 Parts

See the other two exciting parts of W-1 on The E Club Lite!

World 2: 2 Parts