It's the Season of Switch!

March 02, 2017

Tomorrow, March 3, 2017, is a very significant day for all of us Nintendo fans. That's right - one of Nintendo's most hotly-anticipated consoles, formerly known as NX, will finally be here: Nintendo Switch. Seeing this, I decided that it's finally time for The E Club to have a piece of the action for the first time really since the early Wii years: Here on E's Blog, it's the Season of Switch.

What is Season of Switch? Well, back in June when The E Club 3.0 was first released to the public, I outlined a new feature on the site called Games of Note, where I would cover a variety of Nintendo games, Mario among others. Now, this idea has evolved in order to celebrate and more effectively cover the release of Nintendo Switch - (almost) every week, a Nintendo game will be featured right here on E's Blog, as well as news and release dates about the Switch itself and new games! And the games I feature don't even have to be for the Switch; in fact, the first game I'm going to feature this week was (and still is) one of The E Club's very inspirations back in 2009: Super Mario Galaxy. And who knows - you may discover a game you've never heard of before.

How long will Season of Switch be? There are so many games to feature that I can't put a definitive end date on it.

Make sure to check in every week for a new entry in The E Club's Season of Switch!