Introducing The E Club's New Logo!

June 13, 2015

I am incredibly proud to introduce The E Club's brand new logo to the world! It can be seen in place of the old one on the top bar banner, at the bottom of the homepage, and as the new favicon.

I designed it to be the modernization of the old logo from The E Club's inception in 2009 - circular instead of rectangular, with one thin, multicolored "E" instead of "The E Club" in blocky, shape-based lettering. Creating a beautiful contrast to the black background, the vivid colors from the original logo as well as a deep but bright blue create an abstraction that makes the new logo so simple yet so much more at the same time.

The new logo will continue to roll out over the next few weeks, but for now, make sure to look for it across The E Club Family!

the e club logo