Custom Search 2?

May 09, 2010

There's a SECOND Custom Search on The E Club? Well, not exactly. I just found a code for a Google-powered search engine where you can surf the web and The E Club. Here it is: (no longer exists)

As you can see, it is powered by Google. I've seen this engine and Custom Search on websites all over, now. Next, I need to try this new thing out! P.S. You can hardly read the words next to the bullets, right? Well, the first word is "Web," so you can search all of the internet, and the second says "," so you can search The E Club.

The only difference with this search engine, CSII, as I call it, and Custom Search is that the results aren't on The E Club. Here is the link to the website I got this from:

NEW FINDS FOR THIS SEARCH ENGINE: Search engines similar to this are given to Google AdSense users (including The E Club) where Google can display targeted ads, and when someone searches something, ads are displayed, and when they're clicked on, you get revenue. See the search box and some ads here.

I have finally found out what this is for - MONEY! It is a search version of Google AdSense, called AdSense for Search, where ads pop up in search results, and when the user clicks on the ads, the owner of the search engine gets money. I have also tried AdSense for Search.