The E Club Universal Sign-in Box Beta – The New Generation of Sign-in Technology!

I haven’t been writing that much about Mario, Star Trek, or science on this blog lately. Instead, I wrote about new technologies on The E Club. It doesn’t mean that The E Club dropped the Mario, Star Trek, and science stuff and replaced them with technology, it means that you will have a better experience here at The E Club. This is another one of those entries, this time, being the greatest achievement in technologies on The E Club. A Universal Sign-in Box! This box was improved and tested a few minutes earlier in the Test Labs, a members-only page, basing the box on the Google sign-in box, and a code I found in Yahoo! Answers. I just “blended” a little bit of the Google box code, and all of the Yahoo! Answers code, to create…


This box was designed to be based on a Google sign-in box, with a green background, dots in place of password letters, and even a “Remember me on this computer” checkbox! The only difference is, though, if you make a mistake in your username/password, trying to sign into Gmail, it tells you there was an error. On The E Club, there is no right or wrong. Type in any username and password from any website you are part of, and it signs you in, unlike Janrain Engage, the former sign-in system, where you can only pick a few accounts to have in your sign-in box. That’s why this box is UNIVERSAL. You can sign into any account, at any time. This product will be available for purchase at the E-Store.

How to get the Most out of The E Club’s Custom Search

On The E Club, things can be hard to find due to its many pages. The E Club’s Custom Search can help you navagate this complex, but how does a regular visitor become an expert with searching The E Club? Click on the link below, which leads to part 2 of this entry, and you shall find out.

First of all, you need to type in a search query into the search bar, which is located in the homepage, below the introduction. Search with it, and you will be lead to the search results page. This is the layout of the search results:

  • On the top and bottom of the search results, there are “Ads by Google.” These ads, as stated in the content block with the search bar, are connected with The E Club’s Google AdSense account. Also, if you have an AdSense and a Custom Search account, just click on the “Make Money” link in the custom search editing page, and follow the instructions there. It’s another chance to optimize your Google Ads, which means, more revenue!
  • In between the ads, there are the search results. They also have labels, which, if you click on them, the results become more specific. There are tons of search results, so be sure that you know what you are looking for!
  • Below the set of ads on the top of the search results, there are some words. For example, a search on Mario would have the following text below the ads on the top of the search results:

Results 110 for mario with Safesearch on. (1.02 seconds)

This means that the search results page that you are on has the results 1-10 on it, the query is “mario,” and I put in a little HTML code that enabled Google Safesearch, for better results. In parenthesis, it tells you that the search results were loaded in 1.02 seconds. The time that the results load depend on the speed of your browser. Now, let’s compare the text above with text from regular Google:

About 187,000,000 results (0.21 seconds)

It looks very similar because the Custom Search’s result text was the older version of Google’s text! Now, Google has made its results more compact.

  • Below the set of ads on the bottom of the search results, there are numbers that have links. Just like ordinary Google, these numbers lead to more search results.
  • Also, there are green boxes with information about The E Club and The E Club Lite in them. These are NOT ads, but Subscribed Links, for Google searches and Custom Search.

Explore Strange New Worlds – In Your Hands!

Star Trek has a big history, yet with a not-so-big airing. Star Trek’s last aired series was Star Trek: Enterprise, which ended in 2005. You can see Star Trek episodes on the SyFy Channel, on YouTube, and, you can also check out some Star Trek comics! I have already read lots of them, and they are very realistic (for Star Trek, that is). They are published by a number of comic book publishers-DC, IDW, Gold Key Comics, Marvel, and more. One of the most recent Star Trek comics, though, was Star Trek: Countdown by IDW Publishing. It, as said in a previous entry of this blog, it’s the official prequel of the new Star Trek Movie! They are on sale probably at a comic store near you.

The E Club on Wii’s Internet Channel!

The Wii Shop Channel on the Nintendo Wii provides a variety of old games (including SM64!), free channels, and fun, new games. The channels are free, and they include the Nintendo Channel, the Photo Channel 1.1, a Mii channel, Everybody Votes Channel, and the Internet Channel. I have just downloaded the Internet Channel, the Opera (browser)-powered browser that you can use through the Wii. I looked at that version of The E Club, even though it didn’t look very good on the Wii, everything still worked! Learn more here.

The E Club’s Official Examination

Welcome back to my blog! As you may have seen, there was a little defect in the last entry, where some of the text was hidden because of the content blocks. Thanks to shrinking a YouTube video from the Bowser’s Inside Story review, everything’s back to normal here.

The real meaning of this entry, though, is that there won’t be that many new additions to The E Club for a while, because I am inspecting every single page of this site (Whoa! Lots of pages!), to ensure quality and perfection. It will take a long time, to re-validate some YouTube videos, update texts from last year, linking to now non-existent pages, and lots more. For now, enjoy all of this other stuff!

The E Club for Search!

As we all know, Google is the most popular search engine, and the search engine with lots of queries, but now, as you may have seen in the toolbar, there’s a customized web search. A few days after installation of the toolbar, “The E Club Customized Web Search” is added to your browser’s little search box on the top right corner of the screen. This was tested only in Mozilla Firefox, but it may work in other browsers. Also, the search engine has a home page, where you can search the web, images, Conduit Apps (for other Conduit toolbars), video, weather, news, Google Groups, news, and shopping. The coolest thing about the search engine is that, when you type in a search query in the box, click on “More,” and then “The E Club Search!,” you are taken to The E Club’s Custom Search page, where your search results on The E Club come up! This is the same for The E Club Lite.

Do you want to use the search engine? Click here!

Exciting new Events are here this September!

Today was an exciting day for me, even though it hardly started, because I finally got the 242nd Star in Super Mario Galaxy 2! As shown in the last Blog entry, Grandmaster Galaxy is the last galaxy in the whole game, after you collect all 120 stars and green stars, it’s unlocked. It took me a long time to beat the Grandmaster Prankster Comet, The Perfect Run with Mario, but a Nunchuk glitch made Mario fall off. Finally, I beat it as Luigi.

Also, this September, It’s Mario’s birthday and the release of the first “unofficial” Star Trek episode! In November, it’s Luigi’s birthday!

To organize all of these events, The E Club is using Google Calendar, Google’s free service for organizing events.

Want to see The E Club’s Events Calendar? Click here!

Super Mario Galaxy 2: Revealed!

You may have noticed that I haven’t been writing on here or The E Club World lately. That is because I was playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 for a very long time, and in fact, beat it! Here are some things that may help you in this game.

The Final Galaxy: Grandmaster!

How to get it: Get 240/242 Stars, Green Stars included, and the secret galaxy will open up in World S. This is unlike Super Mario Galaxy, where Grand Finale Galaxy, unlocked after all 120 Stars are collected, is the easiest galaxy in the game; Grandmaster Galaxy is the HARDEST galaxy in the game! (See videos below)

Grandmaster Galaxy: The Ultimate Test

Grandmaster Galaxy: The Perfect Run

The E Club World From Blogger: Stay Connected

As you know, The E Club’s 1-year anniversary is coming up this month on the 8th. Not only will there be celebrations, but yesterday, as a belated birthday treat, The E Club’s explorative branches went on to Blogger, a Google website where you can create your own blogs. On June 1, 2010, The E Club World Blog came out. It makes a real-world connection to the amazing worlds of Mario, Star Trek, and Science. Below is a model of “The E Club’s Family Tree:”

The E Club!

The E Club Lite!    |    “Wii” Like Games*    |    The E Club World Blog

Don’t understand the visual? Here’s what it really means:

  • The E Club is at the top of the tree, meaning it started it all.
  • The E Club Lite came next in line, being a “Division of The E Club.”
  • “Wii” Like Games is after The E Club Lite, but there’s an asterisk after it due to the fact that I half own it with a fellow member, J.
  • Finally, and most recently, The E Club World Blog came out, being different from the rest of the tree, because it’s the only site, a “Blog Site” to be exact, that wasn’t created with Moogo.

Are you interested in The E Club World? Join the fun at!

The E Club Special Report: Super Mario Galaxy 2

As you may know, the sequel to the famous Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, is out NOW. Did you reserve it in advance, like video game stores like GameStop provide for only $5, and are curious of the NEW, cool worlds that await you? Well, I was also curious, and I have done some research on it, starting when I searched “Mario” in the first Yahoo! Search bar and the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Website came up. It has provided The E Club with secret Super Mario Galaxy 2 “Transmissions.” Here are the “Transmissions,” some cool clips from the game.

Transmissions 1-6

Transmission 15 (Looks Familiar?)

Transmission 16: THE LAST ONE!