The E Club’s 6th Anniversary

Six years ago, I created The E Club to share the best Mario, Star Trek, and science information. Now, having entered more fields like social networking and online arcade gaming while still staying true to its original purpose, I couldn’t be more proud of where The E Club has come.

But it doesn’t stop here. This year is Mario’s 30th anniversary, and next year is Star Trek’s 50th, so great new stuff is on the way!

The E Club’s Other Domain Name!

On September 17, 2010, when this site was created, The E Club registered its first domain name, This made it easier to access The E Club and allowed us to make the majority of The E Club Family Websites subdomains of it. Now, we’ve made The E Club even more accessible by giving it a second domain name (with no subdomains though):

The .tk top level domain (TLD) comes from the small, South Pacific island of Tokelau, and we picked it because it provides free domain names and is two letters shorter than, allowing for increased accessibility. We partnered with site host IM Creator to host the new site (due to technical issues we couldn’t redirect it here), which uses an iframe of The E Club to create an almost exact duplicate of the site.

We hope you enjoy along with the rest of The E Club Family!
NOTE: has been phased out.

The E Club’s 5th Anniversary

Today’s the day! The E Club is now half a decade old. Though the original site is long gone, its mission lives on through the fourteen websites now known as The E Club Family: to provide great information about Mario, Star Trek, and science. The E Club Family has also disrupted many other areas as well, such as social networking and sharing, online gaming and shopping, video sharing, various technologies, and so much more.

The E Club Family has come so far in the last five years, and I’m proud to say this will always continue on. Even as it expands into even more new areas, The E Club Family will forever be a great resource for Mario, Star Trek, and science.

The E Club’s Blog

Even though The E Club World is The E Club Family’s official and more active blog, I still use this blog as a means of sharing updates and events on The E Club itself. This page also had blog posts from the original The E Club, but they have been moved to the “More Blog” and “Even More Blog” pages here on The E Club.

This change is because the old blog posts contain a lot of slow-loading content such as Flash banners, YouTube videos, etc., which in turn slowed down the loading of this page. Visitors also couldn’t see the old blog posts until they scrolled down to the end of these blog posts, which could cause confusion. Now, this blog has its own page, and the old blog is still on the site but in its own pages.

Enjoy this update!

The E Club’s New Look

The E Club was long overdue for a new look. Now, it’s got one. I have redesigned everything on The E Club (except for the main menu) so that the site looks seamless and even more awesome than before.

In this redesign, The E Club Ad Creator (a page with a form to create ads, not The E Club Advertising), PrintMedia, the ENews subscription box on what is now the Quick Polls page, The E Shop (not the two sites, just the page on The E Club), and more were phased out to simplify and beautify the experience.

I hope you enjoy the new look.

A new way to search at The E Club

Throughout almost all of The E Club’s history, The E Club itself almost always had a search functionality that allowed users to search The E Club and later The E Club Family. It started out as FreeFind, and The E Club later switched to Google Custom Search, which The E Club Family still uses today.

When The E Club moved to WebStarts, the Custom Search engine was still there, but there was one problem that the original The E Club didn’t have: The Custom Search boxes were in different places on each page. This probably caused much confusion.

Today, I am pleased to say there’s a new way to search at The E Club – on most of the pages (except the home page and this page), there are Custom Search boxes above the main menu of The E Club, just below the banner at the top of the page. We are also still tweaking the search engine so that it can reach its full potential as the official search engine of The E Club Family.

Make sure to look around The E Club and see the new search boxes!

The E Club (.info)’s Second Anniversary

I am very happy to say that The E Club’s domain name,, is celebrating its second anniversary. The E Club’s domain name led to and is still leading to many years of The E Club prosperity. This prosperity includes, obviously, the registration of the domain name, making it The E Club’s, and, thanks to the domain’s records (such as A and CNAME), all except two of The E Club Family Websites are now subdomains of The E Club. Plus, The E Club even got our own URL shortener,

When was established with WebStarts, The E Club was in a crisis. Moogo, The E Club’s original host, was going to shut The E Club down along with all of its other Free websites (for no explained reason) in about a month. (Moogo is also going to close down all of its paid websites at the end of September 2012.) The E Club had tons of content, so all of it had to be transferred in a small amount of time. This also applied to The E Club Lite and Wii Like Games (a video game review site I created with member J) since they were going to be shut down as well.

After the transfer of content (I moved The E Club’s content here, The E Club Lite’s to Weebly, and Wii Like Games to Blogger), I saw the enormous potential of WebStarts’ powerful drag-and-drop editor. I improved all three new sites, focusing a lot on The E Club, whose domain had been recently registered.

Between then and now, many new CSS styles were implemented into the sites. When the three sites were in a good-enough condition, I started to create more websites, and that established The E Club Family. Many of them later became subdomains of The E Club, and some branched out to more areas than just content, such as revolutionary social networking (The E Club Social and The E Club+), arcade gaming (The E Club Arcade), and much more. Taking advantage of The E Club Family’s unity, I began redesigning them, using advanced HTML and CSS. Now, The E Club Family is doing better than ever, thanks to

I hope to oversee many more prosperous years of The E Club Family, and as the old saying goes, “Go on today!”

The E Club’s Project

The E Club Family Websites are changing. A while ago, The E Club became more unified, with every page having the same background image, and all of its content on the background of The E Club Green, as I like to call it. Plus, as a remembrance of, I inverted the text and background color, making the text as close to the dark blue of the old The E Club as I could, and made the background image a shade of green, similar to the color the old The E Club used for its regular text, or body. Also, back in September 2011, I redid The E Club Social Beta and made it The E Club+, eventually making the URL of The E Club+ a subdomain of The E Club,, strangely exactly 6 months after it was created.

I’ve also done many other redesigns to The E Club Family Websites in the distant past and recently. These redesigns, as The E Club World states, are part of a big project to improve The E Club Family technologically, and to enhance their designs and make them united.

I started this project with a couple minor redesigns and changes, including shaving a minute off The E Club’s loading time and using CSS to enhance The E Club’s design. I moved on to The E Club Lite and The E Club Ad Server, making both of them subdomains of The E Club and making them look alike. I then went to The E Club World and The E Club Arcade, where I simplified and debugged The E Club World and its design, while adding new games to and redesigning The E Club Arcade. I did some work improving The E Club Wiki. Next, I did a lot of work on the other websites, such as MeTube and The E Shop. Recently, I worked on The E Club Forums. Now, I am working on The E Club+. Thanks to some strange twist of luck, The E Club+’s partner,, allowed it to have a custom subdomain of The E Club, Thanks to Google, I managed to pull off some cool effects with hovering over and clicking on text input areas, making the border dark blue when clicked on. I also modified the current buttons (thanks for that too, Google), and added new ones that used enhanced CSS3 to look professional. The E Club is also optimized to work on mobile devices and tablets, especially the iPad.

The point of this project, which I’m now calling Project Redesign, is to provide visitors and members of The E Club Family Websites a simple and united experience. Instead of grabbing any technology I could lay my hands on (like I used to), I take what I need for The E Club’s success. Uniting almost all of The E Club Family Websites under the domain of can allow visitors and members to think of The E Club Family Websites as one “The E Club” instead of “The E Club Family Websites under about 10 different subdomains.” We also think that simplicity is one of the keys to great websites, so I am discontinuing some of The E Club’s projects and products (such as Search-O-Matic and the Mario Arcade on this site) to create a non-complex and unified experience for everyone.

I am still working on the redesigns on The E Club Family Websites (mostly on The E Club+), and I hope you enjoy them!

The E Club Family Websites’ Updates

Lots of good things are at The E Club Family Websites! Many of The E Club Family Websites are located at subdomains of The E Club, including The E Club Lite, The E Club World, and The E Club Arcade. We’ve also created, a URL shortening system inside of bitly. The E Club’s top bar banner and Events Calendar are improved.

One of our biggest updates is the birth of The E Club Social ( and The E Club Social Beta ( Since I think Google trying to compete with Facebook, looking almost identical to each other, is wrong, I decided to see if I could play a big role in the social web. The E Club Social was created with on July 2, 2011, and The E Club Social Beta was created with on August 27.

Plus, Moogo, The E Club’s old creator, is shutting down in September 2012. The E Club moving to WebStarts was certainly good news.