The E Club Priority Advertising: Simple, Easy, and Cheap Ads!

September 13, 2010

Before I start this post, I need to ask you two simple questions: Are you in need of a simple and effective advertising program? If you said "Yes," answer this one: Is Google AdWords too expensive for you? If you said "Yes" to this one, you have come to the right place. Here's your solution: THE E CLUB PRIORITY ADVERTISING: AWESOME ADS, LOW PRICES. The E Club Priority Advertising is an advertising program by The E Club that is sure to increase your site's visits.* What about the cost? The budget is just right for anyone. You need to pay only a flat fee of 10 of your existing The E Club Credits. That's it, no fine print in this deal. Here's how it works: Click on this link to go to the Ad Submitting Form. Fill out the required information, and I will review your application as soon as possible. A ClubPub is a system in which you type in a memorable "username" for your ad account. I will e…

The E Club Universal Sign-in Box Beta - The New Generation of Sign-in Technology!

September 11, 2010

I haven't been writing that much about Mario, Star Trek, or science on this blog lately. Instead, I wrote about new technologies on The E Club. It doesn't mean that The E Club dropped the Mario, Star Trek, and science stuff and replaced them with technology, it means that you will have a better experience here at The E Club. This is another one of those entries, this time, being the greatest achievement in technologies on The E Club. A Universal Sign-in Box! This box was improved and tested a few minutes earlier in the Test Labs, a members-only page, basing the box on the Google sign-in box, and a code I found in Yahoo! Answers. I just "blended" a little bit of the Google box code, and all of the Yahoo! Answers code, to create... THE E CLUB'S UNIVERSAL SIGN-IN BOX BETA! This box was designed to be based on a Google sign-in box, with a green background, dots in place of password letters…

How to get the Most out of The E Club's Custom Search

September 05, 2010

On The E Club, things can be hard to find due to its many pages. The E Club's Custom Search can help you navagate this complex, but how does a regular visitor become an expert with searching The E Club? Click on the link below, which leads to part 2 of this entry, and you shall find out. First of all, you need to type in a search query into the search bar, which is located in the homepage, below the introduction. Search with it, and you will be lead to the search results page. This is the layout of the search results: On the top and bottom of the search results, there are "Ads by Google." These ads, as stated in the content block with the search bar, are connected with The E Club's Google AdSense account. Also, if you have an AdSense and a Custom Search account, just click on the "Make Money" link in the custom search editing page, and follow the instructions there. It's another chance…

Explore Strange New Worlds - In Your Hands!

September 03, 2010

Star Trek has a big history, yet with a not-so-big airing. Star Trek's last aired series was Star Trek: Enterprise, which ended in 2005. You can see Star Trek episodes on the SyFy Channel, on YouTube, and, you can also check out some Star Trek comics! I have already read lots of them, and they are very realistic (for Star Trek, that is). They are published by a number of comic book publishers-DC, IDW, Gold Key Comics, Marvel, and more. One of the most recent Star Trek comics, though, was Star Trek: Countdown by IDW Publishing. It, as said in a previous entry of this blog, it's the official prequel of the new Star Trek Movie! They are on sale probably at a comic store near you.

The E Club on Wii's Internet Channel!

August 28, 2010

The Wii Shop Channel on the Nintendo Wii provides a variety of old games (including SM64!), free channels, and fun, new games. The channels are free, and they include the Nintendo Channel, the Photo Channel 1.1, a Mii channel, Everybody Votes Channel, and the Internet Channel. I have just downloaded the Internet Channel, the Opera (browser)-powered browser that you can use through the Wii. I looked at that version of The E Club, even though it didn't look very good on the Wii, everything still worked! Learn more here.

The E Club's Official Examination

August 27, 2010

Welcome back to my blog! As you may have seen, there was a little defect in the last entry, where some of the text was hidden because of the content blocks. Thanks to shrinking a YouTube video from the Bowser's Inside Story review, everything's back to normal here. The real meaning of this entry, though, is that there won't be that many new additions to The E Club for a while, because I am inspecting every single page of this site (Whoa! Lots of pages!), to ensure quality and perfection. It will take a long time, to re-validate some YouTube videos, update texts from last year, linking to now non-existent pages, and lots more. For now, enjoy all of this other stuff!