Star Trek: Countdown Comic

October 10, 2009

Hi, Star Trek fans! Did you ever wonder what happened before Star Trek 11? (See "STAR TREK MORE POPULAR! Entry in this Blog") Now, you can stop wondering because there's a comic book called Star Trek: Countdown that's out now and it is the prequel to Star Trek 11! If you want to know more about this comic book, CLICK HERE. Enjoy! It's about Spock's relationship with Nero, which was a good one, surprisingly, and how Nero then wanted revenge on the entire universe when the star that Romulus, Nero's homeworld, orbited around and then collapsed and destroyed Romulus itself, and Spock promised he would use a special Vulcan weapon to destroy the supernova and save Romulus, but the Vulcan Council didn't approve. You can also buy this comic on or maybe a local bookstore near you!

New Super Mario Bros. DS

August 31, 2009

Do you like New Super Mario Bros. DS and want some info on it? Well, you came to the right place! Below this writing is a link to the official New Super Mario Bros. website! There is a "New Strategy" tab that shows you all of the secrets and star coins in 4 out of the 80 levels. Want more New Super Mario Bros. fun? Around Christmas 2009, New Super Mario Bros. Wii came out. It's the sequel to the DS game. I have it and wrote another Blog entry summarizing it.Do you want to be Luigi on the adventure mode of New Super Mario Bros. DS? All you need to do is highlight your account, press and hold L and R, and then select your account by pressing A. You will hear Luigi saying his name, and you can play as Luigi. Want more info on New Super Mario Bros. DS? Click here to go to the New Super Mario Bros. DS website!

Star Trek Episode: Unification

August 25, 2009

Hey, Star Trek fans! Did you ever want Spock (Leonard Nimoy) to be in a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode? Well, it happened in a Next Generation episode called Unification. It has two parts and was on the Sci-Fi channel (now called SyFy) on August 24, 2009, part 1 was at 9:00, and ended at 10:00, and part 2 was from 10:00 to 11:00. Spock looks like he did in TOS (The Original Series) movies. Do any of you Star Trek fans or people who are developing a Star Trek interest want to see Unification? Click here!

New Super Mario Movie!

July 26, 2009

Are you a Super Mario fan? Well, this is a good time to be one because new Mario games like Super Mario Galaxy 2, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii are coming out. Also, a Super Mario MOVIE came out on movie vending machines called Redbox on July 28, 2009. Get it today at Redbox machines! It is called Super Mario World: Yoshi the Superstar. It has some episodes with Yoshi in them from the Super Mario World TV series in it.

Star Trek More Popular!

June 11, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: On May 2009, the eleventh Star Trek movie came out! Originally, Star Trek XI was planned to come out in December 2008, but there were so many Christmas movies then, the producers thought that it won't do well against them. May was the right time to release Star Trek XI because there weren't as many movies coming out then as there were in December 2008. Star Trek XI was a success! In fact, it was so successful that all of Star Trek became popular since then.

Star Trek and Mario Stuff

June 08, 2009

Do you like Star Trek? Do you like Mario? I am a big fan of both. I played over 7 Mario Games, which include Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario 64 DS, New Super Mario Bros. DS, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and some Mario flash games. If you want to know where you can find Mario flash game sites and Star Trek info, click on a link below*: (They are all approved by E, and the second to last link is Star, and the last link is Star Trek Eleven's official site!) Enjoy these sites! *There are more Mario flash game links on other pages on The E Club!