Affiliate Network Guidelines

Welcome to The E Club Affiliate Network! To successfully participate in the Network, make sure you and your site comply with these guidelines to use the Network to its fullest.

Getting Started

You (the owner of the site submitted to join the Network) must be a member of The E Club to join the Network. All non-member requests to join will be discarded immediately. If you're not already one, become a member of The E Club if you are interested in joining.

Site Guidelines

In order to participate in the network, the website you want to submit to our index ("The website") has to meet the following requirements:
  • The website must have actual content. It can't have advertisements/affiliate links and nothing else.
  • The website can't include gambling, drugs, or inappropriate content.
  • The website can't redirect visitors to another site as soon as they get on.
  • The website can't have malware or force visitors to download software of any kind without their consent.
  • The website's content can't be copied from another site or outside resource.
  • The website must have a link back to The E Club (which will be provided), and it cannot be disguised in any way.
  • The E Club has the right to terminate the website's participation in the Affiliate Network at any time without notice.

Guidelines last updated on January 9, 2016.