About E

E is the founder of The E Club Family, the chain of websites that provides information, technology, social networking, Flash games, and more. E is interested in Super Mario, Star Trek (which can sometimes be seen on the SyFy channel), and computer science. He likes dogs and enjoys food, and he works on making The E Club Family better for everyone and more technologically advanced. He hopes to create new web standards and make the web (at least on The E Club Family) a simple, safe, redefined, and enjoyable place for everyone. For example, The E Club Arcade revolutionizes game sites by creating a simple and enjoyable gaming experience with less ads than other game sites. E knows HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, and Python.

About The E Club Family

The E Club Family is a chain of websites that provides content, social networking, online gaming, and much more. Right now, you are on The E Club, the first and original site of The E Club Family. The E Club's original site, theeclub.moogo.com, was created on June 8, 2009 with the Free package of then-site creator Moogo, as The Mario, Star Trek, and Science Website! In the two years of its existence, The E Club became a huge success, as E learned more about HTML and how to use it to further develop The E Club and create more sites, such as The E Club Lite, to form The E Club Family. But unfortunately, the beginning of the end of The E Club began on September 17, 2010 when Moogo decided to shut down all of its Free websites on October 15, 2010 (it ended up being October 16). In between those two dates, all 80-something of The E Club's pages full of content moved here, to theeclub.info, which was and still is The E Club's official domain name. After that, more sites in The E Club Family came into existence, and The E Club flourished ever since.